Mayfair v1


Voice of the Mayfair Community

This is an exciting moment in Mayfair’s history. For the first time, its community of residents, businesses and visitors have articulated how they would like the area to develop.

The vision is to make Mayfair the most desirable and attractive area of London in which to live, work and visit.

Mayfair has a unique place in London. It is the country’s most prestigious residential address and enjoys a world-class reputation for business, tourism and luxury. The Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum, a group of local residents and business leaders, has drawn up the Mayfair Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan is for everyone who lives and works in Mayfair. 

The consultation period has now closed for the draft Mayfair Neighbourhood Plan. A Consultation Feedback Report is being drafted and will be issued in due course.

For any enquiries please contact 0800 772 0475 or email

The Forum is empowered by the Localism Act 2011 to create neighbourhood planning policies that govern how development will come forward in the neighbourhood. The Forum's constitution was established with the approval of Westminster City Council in 2014. It is business-led, embodied by a business director chairmanship of the Steering Committee; otherwise the participation in the Steering Committee, the main decision-making body of the Forum, is balanced between four residential directors, four business directors, and up to four community directors. The three local ward councillors are invited to attend steering group meetings as observers.

The Plan is a planning policy document for the next twenty years. Its function is to articulate policies with which future development in Mayfair should comply in order to be granted planning permission.